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Violet Beauregarde as a blueberry.

A Blueberry is an entity that is significantly larger and heavier than a actual human. While blueberries as fruit are natural, blueberries as an entity can only be achieved by ingesting the Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum. The only confirmed specimens are 20 Oompa-Loompas and Violet Beauregarde.


A blueberry entity is distinguishable from regular blueberries due to their massive size as opposed to regular blueberries. Violet Beauregarde was 10 feet tall and weighed at least a tonne, while normal blueberries weigh a few grams at best. Where blueberries are similar is that they are full of blueberry juice, blueberry entities, once being people, upon using Magic Chewing Gum, fill up with blueberry juice until reaching an enormous capacity. It is unclear exactly how the juice is created, as the Law of Conservation of Mass dictates that matter cannot come from nothing and cannot be derived by any means from nowhere unless the gum contains several hundred litres of juice prior to usage, in which case it would be too heavy to lift. It could only be magic or originating from outside of Violet's, or any other users, body.

Blueberries as an entity, once a being of some kind, have skin, although this is extremely stretched, and potentially limbs and internal systems, although these are practically rendered useless, as blueberries are immobile.


To start the transformation, the victim must consume the Three-Course dinner chewing gum, then the victim's nose slowly turns blue, and it spreads across their face. The colour change then speeds up, affecting the victim's hair and neck before spreading to the rest of their body. When the victim had turned completely blue, the swelling portion starts, starting with the victim's hips and lower body and turning the victim's garments blue along with gurgling. The butt instantly doubles in size as the stomach starts increasing in size, with the inflation speeding up. The whole body then starts swelling, doubling the size of the victim's cheeks and slowly sucking the victim's head, feet, and arms into their body, all the while increasing in size. The transformation stops abruptly, but not before the user reaches an absurd height and becomes completely round, save for sunken indentions at the hands, feet, and head. The victim is left unable to move their body; their only form of travel is being rolled by an external force. In this stage the blueberry is "ripe."

Violet as a Blueberry

Violet, being a human as opposed to a Oompa Loompa, presumably was bigger as a blueberry then the 20 subjects that Wonka tried the gum on. Roughly being 5 foot tall against the Loompas roughly 4 foot height, a Loompa blueberry would be smaller then Violet by several feet, perhaps a full metre.

Violet was filled entirely with blueberry juice, sourced from the gum. Her body became spherical, her limbs and head being sucked into her body. Her sides rounded out and her back and stomach swelled outward, 5 feet outward, given she has a diameter of 10 feet and a radius of 5. Her stomach, waist and back noticeably stick out from her shirt and pants, similar to a "muffin top", but to the extreme. The excess mass is more apparent as her clothes are much tighter. Her stomach became so huge that it stuck out from her shirt, forcing it to rise up, revealing it and her belly button. Her stomach has a blue discoloration, but turns a reddish pinkish color at her belly button. This may be because her stomach is extremely stretched, and the skin is tense there. This would also explain her belly button being much larger then normal.

Due to her spherical nature, her feet cannot touch the floor as they are sucked into her globular body. Instead she rests on her pelvis and crotch at the end of her transformation, which has swollen out. She can be seen rocking back and forth on it, unable to stop her motion. When she rolls onto a limb or her head, it is pushed into her body, instead of hitting the floor painfully.

Her tracksuit, initially being a lighter blue, turns a much darker navy/purple. This is likely due to the juice from her body leaking out of her skin pores into her clothes, staining them to the shade of her skin, similar to sweat. The tracksuit covers her whole body, apart from her belly, which proved to be too swollen and full for the suit to contain, revealing it. In the inflation her shirt initially covers it, but rises up her abdomen as she grows bigger, stopping at the beginning of her chest. Her pants appear to have congested at the beginning of her stomach, giving it the appearance of being larger.

The shirt and pants itself do not tear, despite covering a girl with a 10 foot frame. This may be due to the aforementioned juice staining her clothes, perhaps having properties that loosen the fabric, allowing for increased stretchability. That isn't to explain that the aren't tight, as they most certainly are. Places where her appendages are where it can be seen, as they are sucked inward. It is probable that they would've torn if the blueberry grew much bigger.

Violet's voice was much deeper then before, as she can be heard moaning and begging in a lower tone while as a blueberry. This may be due to the massive amounts of juice compressing her voicebox, lowering the pitch of her speech

Violet, when fully inflated, can be briefly seen breathing in out, her chest rising and falling, and she rocks on her crotch. The action is indicated in this YouTube video.

Effects of the transformation

A blueberry transformation is unfortunately permanent, as they would have their skin, eye, and hair color changed to a permanent shade of blue. However, depending on the size and/or how long one has been a blueberry, the juice can be removed from the body through a process called juicing, allowing blueberries to return to their original, human size.

There are advantages blueberries have compared to humans. Most notably, due to changes in their bone composition, juiced blueberries gain inhumane flexibility, allowing them to bend any part of their body without injury. This can be seen as Violet is leaving the factory performing acrobatics that normal humans could not do. Furthermore, blueberries have strong resilience, as Violet was able to swell to an enormous size without exploding and was rolled around the Inventing Room without any major problems. Finally, the juice itself may have some special effects in making materials more flexible, as Violet's clothes were able to accommodate to her new size without any sign of ripping.

Notable specimens

20 of Oompa-Loompas have undergone the transformation while testing the gum, however, none of them show up on-screen.

Probably, the best-known blueberry is Violet Beauregarde, who stubbornly ignored Willy Wonka's warning and chose to chew the gum, transforming her into a blueberry. Luckily, she was juiced, thus retaining some of her human traits.