Charlie Bucket

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Preteen chocolate factory owner (ending of the film)

This article is about the 2005 film character, you might be looking for the original character.

Charlie Bucket is one of two main protagonist of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). He finds the fifth Willy Wonka golden ticket, and the only child that is not rotten.

He is portrayed by Freddie Highmore.


Grandpa Joe & Grandpa George (grandfathers)

Grandma Josephine & Grandma Georgina (grandmothers)

Mr. Bucket and Mrs. Bucket (parents)

Willy Wonka (new brother)


Throughout the whole movie, he lives in the Bucket household with his family. At the end, he moves into Willy Wonka's factory with a copy of it built inside.


  • Charlie was the only child who didn't get eliminated or had a song.
  • Charlie was the only child who didn't leave the factory by the main gate.
  • Charlie is the only child who isn't rotten.
  • He was the fith child to find Willy Wonka's golden tickets.
  • He is the oldest child of the tour.
  • He was born sometime during winter.


  • “Candy doesn’t have to have a point, that’s why it’s candy.”
  • ”I wouldn’t give up my family for anything. Not for all the chocolate in the world.”


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