The Eggdicatior is a machine that uses a meter in the 1971 film.

1971 filmEdit

Wonka introduces the tour to his chocolate egg room, where special geese lay gigantic chocolate eggs. However, not all these eggs are fit for sale, so Wonka uses the Eggdicator, a machine that discriminates between "bad eggs" and "good eggs". If an egg is good, a ding is heard and the egg gets shined up and shipped out all over the world. But if it's not, the trapdoor dumps the bad egg down the chute and a "honk-honk" sound is heard.

When Veruca Salt is told by Willy Wonka that he does not wish to part with his geese, she becomes enraged and launches into a destructive rant through a song of "I Want it Now", wrecking the room and making work hard for the Oompa-Loompas as she does so. Her song comes to an end when she steps atop a chute on the Eggdicator, which deems her a Bad Egg and causes her to fall down the chute, also ending her song with her vocals doing a long fall. After learning that Veruca could be stuck in the chute or incinerated in the furnace, Mr. Salt jumps into the chute, which also deems him a Bad Egg.