The Fizzy Lifting Room was made by Mr.Wonka and it has a fan on the top and,Fizzy lifting drinks,on the table.and it was in the 1971 film and the game.

1971 film

In the film they were in the fizzy lifting drinks room where mr wonka makes them but he has not get it quite right yet because when you drink it children float away.and the others went out of the room,and charlie and his grandfather drinked fizzy lifting drinks and they up up and up and they reach to that will chop charlie and his grandfather to bits and they are grabing on to something but there was no thing to grab on to No thing to grabing on to and they say help to mr wonka and and his grandfather burped and he telled charlie to burp and charlie burped to and they went down and the room is unknown.

the game

in the game after saving Veruca Salt,the squrrels are in the fizzy lifting room,disableing the controls and charlie was in the room to put the squirrels back where they be long in and mr wonka givesCharlie Bucket,a fizzy lifting drink that can help charlie to and went to stop the squrrels and he uses the,Everlasting Gobstoppers,to hit the squrrels and command's the oompa loompa's to put the squrrels in their pen and the contained box went to the,Nut sorting room,and charlie command's the oompa loompa's to fix the contorls and everything was back to work and,charlie went out of the room,and the room was unknown.

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