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Grandma Georgina first appeared in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was played by two actresses in the film adaptions.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Grandma Georgina as shown in Tim Burton's adaption as a forgetful elderly woman who doesn't leave her bed. She lies alongside Grandpa George, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine.

She‘s married to Grandpa George and is Mr. Bucket’s mother.

She’s shown in the house watching the four golden ticket discoveries on television.

However as she comments about Violet "despicable" Grandpa George asks "Do you know what we are talking about?" She replies lazily, "Dragonflies."

Things are going to get much better

The ending for Grandma Georgina shows her at Willy Wonka's factory in their old home in the now snowing chocolate room.

They are eating a fine meal and all out of their beds.

Wonka shows to the dinner and is commented by Georgina as smelling like peanuts.

He comments back nicely her smell of old people and soap.

She shows affection to the compliment.

She is also dressed in very nice bright pink clothes suggesting their new wealth.


  • ”I love grapes”