Grandpa George appeared firstly in Roald Dahl's children's book and then again in the film adaptions.

In the 1971 version however he was portrayed as a shy cautious man with spectacles.

In the 2005 version, he’s a sarcastic grump but clearly loves and cares for his family, particularly Charlie.

Well its a Good Thing You're Going to a Chocolate Factory

Grandpa George is the father of William Bucket and husband of forgetful Grandma Georgina.

He’s played as a strong willed old man who doubts Charlie's chance of ever finding a golden ticket.

He wishes though like the others and especially like Grandpa Joe that the horrible kids didn't get to go and that Charlie deserved to.

He convinces Charlie to go when he finds the fifth invitation and comments

"There's a plenty of money out there."

None Taken

Grandpa George ends up in the factory living healthy and enjoying their normal feast in nice clothes.

He has no talking line as of the end but makes a comment when Wonka first comes crashing through the house saying his family cant come.

David Morris who portrayed Grandpa George passed away in 2007.

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