The Nut Sorting Room is the room where squirrels test the nuts that go into Wonka Bars if they are good or bad.If they are good then they go into Wonka Bars. If they are bad then they go down into a garbage chute hole.


After an exhausting jog down a series of corridors, Wonka allows the party to rest briefly outside the Nut Room, though he forbids them to enter. This room is where Wonka uses trained squirrels to break open good walnuts for use in his sweets. All bad walnuts are thrown into a garbage chute which leads to an incinerator that is lit every Tuesday. Veruca Salt desperately wants a squirrel, but becomes furious when Wonka tells her she cannot have one. She tries to grab a squirrel for herself, but it rejects her as a "bad nut" and an army of squirrels haul her across the floor and throw her down the garbage chute. Veruca is disqualified from winning the chocolate factory because of her inability to control her greed and selfishness. Wonka assures her father that she could be stuck on top of the garbage chute and they quickly enter the Nut Room. As Mr. Salt leans over the hole to look for Veruca, one of the squirrels rushes up behind him and pushes him in.

In the 1971 film version, the nut sorting room is replaced by an egg room with large geese laying golden chocolate eggs. The sorting mechanism is the same with a meter that sorts the good chocolate eggs from the bad chocolate eggs, but Veruca places herself on the mechanism while trying to get a goose, and falls down the chute.

Well, the 2005 film version followed the original storyline with Veruca wanting a squirrel and being rejected and thrown down a garbage chute to the incinerator that is lit every Tuesday. Luckily for Veruca and her father, Wonka is told by an Oompa-Loompa that the incinerator is broken allowing three weeks of rotten garbage to break their fall.

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