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Prince Pondicherry is shown in a flashback of Grandpa Joe's which showcases Willy Wonka's genius.

A big fan of Willy Wonka's confectionery, he requests a specialty palace of Willy Wonka, constructed entirely of his famous chocolate. After it's completion, Wonka warns the prince against residing in the palace permanently, but the prince ignores him. The palace collapses soon after as a result of the hot desert sun which melts the chocolate, with the prince and his consort narrowly escaping with their lives. Prince Pondicherry immediately orders another palace assuming built with chocolate that will not melt, but Wonka is too occupied dealing with matters within the factory (the thievery of his recipes) to respond. He eventually let go his desire for a chocolate palace afterward.

Prince Pondicherry is portrayed by Nitin Ganatra in the 2005 film.


  • Prince Pondicherry isn't mentioned at all in the 1971 Film Version. Likely because it would have been too hard to dramatize that flashback convincingly with 1970's tech.