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Rupert Salt is the wealthy father of Veruca Salt and the husband of Angina Salt. He’s the owner of Salt's Nuts. He resides in Buckinghamshire, England and lives in a beautiful mansion with his wife and daughter. According to the movies, he's willing to spend a ludicrous amount of money to please his daughter. He and his daughter are the third golden ticket winner to be outed from the group.

Finding The Second Golden Ticket

When five hidden Golden Tickets were announced to the public, his daughter Veruca demanded to get one of the golden tickets. Compiling with the demand, he went over to his factory and ordered his staff to start unwrapping chocolate bars in the hope of finding one of the Golden Tickets. However, to his and Veruca's dismay, none of the thousands of the chocolate bars he bought contained the Golden Ticket. However, one of his staff managed to find the Golden Ticket, but wanting to keep the ticket to herself the worker attempted to hide the ticket. Noticing this, he grabbed the Golden Ticket from the worker's hand and shortly afterwards handed it to his daughter who then demanded another pony. He then was interviewed by several reporters.


  • Mr. Salt most likely spent a fortune on the ticket due to him buying and ordering his workers to open the chocolate bars for days on end before finally coming across the Golden Ticket.
  • His wealth rivals Willy Wonka due to his revolutionary nut products. He even gives Wonka his business card hoping to make him a business partner, but Wonka unfortunately tosses it aside .He's likely to be a billionaire, given the success of his company