Scarlett Beauregarde
Mrs. beaugarde.jpg
Gender Female


Lives in

Atlanta, Georgia

Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde

Former Baton Champion


Violet Beauregarde (daughter)

Scarlett Beauregarde is Violet's callous neurotic stage mom. She is portrayed by actress Missi Pyle.


Scarlett is nearly identical to Violet, having the same features and always wearing the same clothes as her daughter, but taller.


Scarlett is extremely competitive, shown with her victories with batons. It is heavily implied that all of Violet's traits were inherited from her. Because her husband is not present in the picture, she was a single mother raising her daughter, fueling her competitive and proud personality, and treating her with a coach-and-athlete relationship rather than a motherly one. She is shown to be extremely neurotic as she attempts to flirt with Wonka to ensure her daughter's victory. Scarlett also appears to be rather cowardly as when Violet begins to turn blue she backs away from her daughter along with the others rather than attempting to help her daughter. Scarlett also shows a callous if not slightly insane streak as when Violet has become a blueberry her first concern is how her daughter will be able to compete and she even considers placing Violet in a county fair at Veruca's suggestion.

Scarlett does however show some hint of parental instinct when Violet is stuck in the inventing room doors as she runs to help her daughter and push her along. When last seen Scarlett is leaving the factory with a now blue violet who is highly excited about her new flexibility. Scarlett however is less impressed coldly telling her daughter that she is still blue implying that she will give up coaching her daughter and act like a mother in the future.


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