Slugworth is the central antagonist of the movie, and a rival candy maker who successfully sends a spy into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, stealing the recipe to the Candy Balloons that can be blown to incredible sizes.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Slugworth appeared in the original 1970's adaption as a man trying to convince Charlie to obtain the recipe to the everlasting gobstoppers, but he actually turned out to be a man working for Wonka himself as a morality test to find the best child.

In the 2005 Tim Burton re-imagining, he appeared as a man who receives the recipe to the Candy Balloons from a spy and then recreates them, which ends up shutting Wonka down.


He is shown in two of Grandpa Joe's flashbacks depicting Willy Wonka's rise to fame from a single store on Cherry street to the amazing fifty times bigger than any other chocolate factory. Slugworth successfully stole from Wonka and was the last thief before Wonka shut his doors to all everyday workers of the factory and closed for fifteen years.