Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wiki

Exterior of the Television Room.

The Television Room is where Mr. Wonka makes his television chocolate and the last room in his tour of the factory. The room is originally purposed to send giant-sized Wonka Bars through the airwaves to advertise them. Whenever a child would watch a commercial for Wonka Bars, they would grab the chocolate from the TV and try it themselves. Mike Teavee got small in the chocolate television and he's okay and got out and it was in the 2005 and 1971 film versions and the video game.

1971 film

In the chocolate television room and Mr. Wonka shows them that the chocolate television chocolate is Wonka invention and it can put dinner foods, breakfast foods, consumer goods and other Wonka Bars on the TV and with the teleporter it can changes the world and Mike Teavee, went in the teleporter and he is small in the TV and Wonka pulls him out of the TV and the tour went out of the room and the Oompa Loompas were singing his song and the Oompa Loompas went out of the room.

2005 film

In the film, the tour were in the television room where Mr. Wonka brings in a large Wonka Bar, and teleports it into the Television. Mike realizes that Wonka has created teleportation and, against Wonka's wishes, teleports himself into the TV, only to realize there's no way to be the same size again. Mr. Wonka then sent Mike Teavee to the Taffy Puller to restore him to his original size but ended up tall and thin. One of the Oompa Loompas are watching Oprah.

The video game

In the video game, Mike Teavee was in the TV and Charlie must let him out but first they must get through the Wonka Bots outside and inside TV and get to Mike Teavee he must fuel the teleporter with Wonka-Vite and he save Mike Teavee and fight the Wonka Bots again and went out of the room and it's unknown.