The Inventing Room
In The Movie

The Inventing Room is Willy Wonka's favorite and most secret room. It holds all of his newest inventions and candy that still needs testing. Some of Wonka's newest candy is the Everlasting Gobstoppers, Hair Toffee, and Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum. The Inventing Room is also where Violet Beauregarde swelled up into a big blueberry. Mr. Wonka has only two rules for the room and Violet breaks both of them. They are: "Enjoy yourselves but just don't touch anything!" and "The gum isn't ready yet"  Plus in the Inventing Room catwalks are put up for Oompa Loompas so they can reach the top of machines.


Panorama of the Inventing Room.

In The GameEdit

In the game you have to roll Violet through the Inventing Room to the Juicing Room by fixing pipes along the way to turn on machines and open doors. You also get your Rock Candy power and discover the Electrician Oompa Loompa here. Hope this helped you or entertain you!