The Nut Sorting Room is a room in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. It is where the nuts that go into his Wonka Bars or any other delicious treats are sorted between good and bad. It is also where Veruca Salt is dropped from the tour.


It is a white and blue swirled room with a locked gate to trap visitors from going in. There is a hole in the middle to dispose bad nuts in the incinerator.

It is surrounded by Squirrels. According to Willy Wonka, squirrels are used instead of Oompa Loompas because squirrels can break nuts into wholes while Oompa Loompas break them in halves every time.

Trivia Edit

-Tim Burton says that the room looks like a hospital, But that's not true

- It's unknown how Veruca and Her Father escaped the furnace, It's possible there's another hole where people get thrown into
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