The Great Glass Elevator is an invention of Willy Wonka, but unlike most of his inventions, it is not made of candy. The Great Glass Elevator, as the name implies, is an elevator made of glass. It travels to every room in the factory and can take you "up and down, sideways, slant ways, and any other way you can think of."

2005 film Edit

After exiting the Nut-Sorting Room, Mr. Wonka, Mike Teavee, Mr. Teavee, Charlie and Grandpa Joe get into the Great Glass Elevator to go to another room. Wonka gives Mike the permission to choose a room, and he chooses the Television Room. After Mike is shrunk via Television Chocolate, Charlie wins the contest. They get into the elevator and to the room "Up and Out". This turns out to instead go out of the factory, and they fly to Charlie's house to deliver the news to his family.