The Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum was a piece of gum invented by Willy Wonka that feeds a person almost like they're really eating dinner. In the story, the gum has not yet been perfected, but Violet Beauregarde tried it anyway, which turns her into a giant human blueberry.

1971 film Edit

Wonka shows them three-course dinner chewing gum in the Inventing Room and Violet Beaugarde takes the gum out of Wonka's hand and sticks it in her mouth. Her father asks her how it tastes, and she says, "It's amazing, it's made of tomato soup, roast beef and baked potato, and blueberry pie." Violet blows up into a blueberry, and her father tells Mr. Wonka to call a doctor. Mr. Wonka seemingly blames himself for not getting it right.

2005 filmEdit

In the 2005 film, Mr. Wonka shows the tour group something, and he pulls a lever on the gum machine and the three course chewing gum comes out. Violet grabs the gum as Wonka tells her to spit it out. She pops it in her mouth and her mother asked how it was, and as a reply, she said, "It's amazing! Tomato soup, I can feel it running down my throat!" "Yeah. Spit it out." said Wonka before Violet says "It's changing... roast beef and baked potato. Crispy skin and butter!" Mrs. Beuregarde remarks that Violet will be the first person in the world to have a chewing gum meal before Violet concludes the gums desert, "Blueberry pie and ice cream!" Soon after, she inflated into an enormous blueberry and Wonka ordered the Oompa Loompas to take her to the Juicing Room to squeeze the juice out of her.