Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum

The gum being made from the machine.

The Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum was a piece of gum invented by Willy Wonka that feeds a person almost like they're really eating dinner, starting with tomato soup, roast beef, and baked potatoes before concluding with blueberry pie and ice cream. However, it's currently in development, and has major flaws with it.

Appearance in the film

Violet Gum.jpg
Violet with the gum.
In the film, Wonka shows the tour group a machine in The Inventing Room. Wonka pulls a lever on the machine and a few seconds later the gum is produced. Violet Beauregarde grabs the gum and consumes it, ignoring Wonka's warning that it wasn't complete; as a result, Violet starts being affected by it during the blueberry pie part, and swells up into a 10-foot blueberry.
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