First of all, thanks for JoePlay for giving me admin and bureaucrat roles on this wiki, it will not be abused!

Second, I have followed this wiki for quite some time now, and I believe that most, if not all, the pages on here are either poorly written or plagiarized from other sources. Most of the plagiarism on this wiki are from unknown users, so I have decided to disable access for IP addresses in order to combat vandalism. At the same time, I will do my best in revising and updating this wiki.

Finally, I have realized that the majority of the articles on here are heavily directed towards the 2005 film, with the wiki URL even containing the word "film." As such, I believe it is best to leave this wiki for the 2005 film solely. In the near future I do plan on creating another wiki for the 1971 adaption, and possibly even one for both the book and the musical, however my priority right now is to rehabilitate this dead wiki. I ask everyone who edits here to refrain from adding information from movies other than the 2005 one, and if I do change my mind in the future feel free to continue adding information about other adaptations.

Overall, I thank you for helping this wiki grow. The original administrator hasn't been active in a long time, and I do have a lot of work to do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my talk page.


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