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This article is about the 2005 film character. You might be looking for the original character.
"So it says that one kid's gonna get this special prize, better than all the rest. I don't care who those other four are. That kid, it's gonna be me."
— Violet

Violet Beauregarde is one of the four main antagonists of the 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is portrayed by AnnaSophia Robb.

She is the daughter of Scarlett Beauregarde and the winner of the third Golden Ticket to enter Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.


As a human she's thin and athletic, with short blonde hair and green eyes. She‘s mostly seen wearing a light blue tracksuit, with blue and white trainers and socks and a blue zipper heart and watch.

Violet Comparison

Comparison of Violet as a human and as a blueberry.

As a blueberry, Violet is significantly different than how she was in the original film, as she’s now 10 feet tall and has a spherical-shaped body, being noticeably taller and wider than the rest of the group. All of her appendages, including her head, arms, and legs, are sucked into her body, leaving behind small divots where they should be. In Violet's arm/leg divots, only her hands and feet can be seen sticking out, and occasionally moving about fruitlessly. Her clothes have all turned blue and stretched tightly around her body, except her stomach. Any of Violet's other former human bodily features have completely rounded out and fused with one another, making it impossible to tell them apart. Most notably, Violet's body has turned mostly blue because of the blueberry pie, aside from her lips which remain a reddish-purple. This is a trait that is kept with her as she left the factory.


She has a rude personality and interrupts people. She is seen chewing with her mouth open as well, showing a lack of manners.

Violet's main personality trait is that she is insanely hyper-competitive, and her life mantra is win at everything, no matter what. She seems to look down on other people, viewing them as opponents to be beaten, and sees life like a game of winners and losers.

Despite its downfalls, her attitude has earned her 263 trophies and medals in a variety of different activities, ranging from karate to cheerleading, However, out of all of her achievements, the one she’s the most proud of is her status as the Junior World Champion Gum Chewer, a title she earned by chewing the same piece of chewing gum for three months solid.

Violet's competitive nature to win the final prize was her only real interest for entering the hunt for the Golden Ticket. In order to accomplish this, Violet temporarily laid off her habit of chewing gum and switched to candy bars which eventually led her to find the third Golden Ticket just after beating two of her karate instructors unconscious. During her interview, Violet tells the press that the other winners don't matter at all and that she will be the one who will win the secret prize. It‘s also during this interview that the source of Violet's competitive nature is shown, as her mother is seen pushing Violet's answers and glorifying her many accomplishments in a very rambunctious way.


Violet holding up her Golden Ticket.

Her competitive nature was the cause for her fate. She ignored Wonka's cautions about chewing the gum because she falsely believed Wonka was testing her grit. She also refused to give up chewing the gum even during the transformation. Even after she becomes a blueberry, she screams for her mother to help her as she nears the Inventing Room exit and calls out to Wonka in an attempt to stay on the tour, showing that she would rather stay as a blueberry forever than lose the grand prize. After she‘s juiced, she doesn't seem shocked at what had happened to her, instead enjoying her newfound flexibility. Both of this imply that she would sacrifice anything, including her health and well-being, just so she could win.

Violet is also shown to be very aloof and antisocial with the other children, which is displayed when she quickly alienates herself from Wonka by telling him in no uncertain terms that she will be the winner of the special prize at the end, as well as stealing a candy apple from Charlie, while calling him a loser when he asked her an honest question.

Getting the Ticket

Violet Newspaper

Mr. Bucket reading about Violet's victory.

Violet was the third winner of the Golden Ticket, and is first introduced when Mr. Bucket reads about her in the newspaper. She is first seen at a dojo where she brutally and unnecessarily attacks her masters in karate before walking off. The scene then cuts away to her home, where she introduces herself as a gum chewer, who switched to chocolate when she heard about Wonka's competition. She brags about her accomplishments, specifically about gum, and boasts about how she was going to win the grand prize, because "I'm a winner." After seeing her on television, Grandma Josephine calls her a "beastly girl," and Grandma Georgina calls her "despicable."

During the scene where the children are reading the back of the ticket, she reads about Wonka's offer to tour the winners through his factory.

Arrival At The Factory

Violet beaugarde

Outside the factory.

On the day of the tour, she stands between Augustus Gloop and Mike Teavee's family. She briefly glances over at Veruca Salt, her female competitor, but is otherwise shown focused on the factory, with her mother telling her to keep her "eyes on the prize." She doesn't show much excitement compared to the other competitors. When Wonka opens the door, she is the first to rush through the gate and walks ahead of the competitors. When she sees the welcome performance and its subsequent destruction, she looks at it confusingly. When Wonka first shows up, she asks who he is and looks at him awkwardly.

When Wonka welcomes them in, she’s the first to walk into the factory after Wonka, and hugs him before introducing herself. Wonka states that she seems confident, which brings about an excited look on Violet's face. Despite this, she’s next seen staring at Veruca and feigning friendship between the two.

The Chocolate Room


Violet blowing a bubble in the Chocolate Room.

She is the first to enter the Chocolate Room, and blows a bubble while staring in awe at what's in front of her. She follows right behind Wonka as he introduces the room to everyone and runs off after he tells everyone to enjoy.

She encounters Charlie Bucket for the first time when she grabs an apple he was reaching out towards and stares at him. When Charlie asks about her gum habits, she abruptly calls him a loser.

Along with the other participants, she listens to Wonka's story about the Oompa-Loompas, watches Augustus get sucked up the pipe (saying "there he goes"), and watches the Oompa-Loompas dance and sing their number.

When Charlie asks how the Oompa–Loompas would already know Augustus' name, Wonka responds by asking Violet what she likes, and she responds "chewing gum". He then does an improvisation on the spot, stating how he hates gum, in an attempt to explain how the Oompa-Loompas' performance seemed rehearsed.

The Boat Ride

Tunnel Scene

Violet during the tunnel scene. The blue light shining down on her foreshadows her fate.

Violet watches as the Oompa-Loompas rowed over the candy boat. She asks Wonka why they were laughing, and he states he believes it's from the cocoa beans. During the boat ride, she sits in front of Mike and behind Veruca.

When entering the tunnel, she wonders how the Oompa-Loompas knew where they going. During the ride down, the camera continuously pans towards her whenever a blue light is shown, foreshadowing her fate. She looks around the tunnel at the rooms before Wonka stops the boat in front of the Inventing Room.

The Inventing Room and Transformation

Upon entering the Inventing Room, Violet quickly shows an interest in the Everlasting Gobstoppers, believing them to be similar to gum. She is, however, quickly shot down by Wonka who points out that, unlike gum, Gobstoppers are not for chewing. Wonka then leads the group to a particularly large machine that, after much huffing and puffing, produces nothing but a simple stick much to the chagrin of the others. Violet takes the piece of gum as Wonka then explains that, unlike most other chewing gums, the one just created is actually a full three course dinner all by itself.

Violet then declares that the gum is "her kind of gum" and removes her old gum from her mouth and places it behind her ear. Wonka then attempts to warn Violet about the gum's side effects, however Violet ignores him, declares that she is not afraid of anything, and begins to chew the gum. At first the gum works as intended, giving Violet the sensation of actually eating tomato soup and roast beef which deeply pleases her mother Scarlett Beauregarde, who gloats that her daughter will be the first person in the world to have a chewing gum meal and causes Veruca to stare in jealously. However, things go wrong when Violet hits the dessert: blueberry pie and ice cream.


Violet's nose turns blue.

Violet Almost Done

Violet near the end of her inflation, her head sucked into her body

Veruca notices that something is happening to Violet's nose. All eyes turn to her as a bluish purplish stain starts to spread across her nose, much to her mother's shock. Violet was initially unable to see the change, and she touches her nose in confusion. However, once her mother starts panicking, both turn to Wonka for an explanation. He explains that the gum always goes wrong during the dessert, and that the blueberry pie was the culprit. He then ducks behind the machinery while the group backs away from Violet, whose hands and hair start to turn blue.

As Violet asks her mother what is happening to her, Violet turns into a giant blueberry. Wonka then resurfaces and explains that the same thing has happened to the 20 Oompa Loompas he had tested it on, and that "it's just weird." Mrs. Beauregarde then protests that she cannot have a blueberry for a daughter, as Violet can no longer compete. Veruca the recommends that Violet be placed into a county fair much to Wonka's amusement. Mrs. Beauregarde contemplates this idea as music starts playing.

Pushing Violet Out

Violet's mother pushing Violet out of the Inventing Room.

Oompa-Loompas then emerge from the smoke of the Inventing Room, they push against her and start to roll Violet along, singing her titular song, mocking her over her chewing gum obsession, and jumping onto her and dancing. During the whole scene, Violet is shown screaming in fear at her fate, her voice noticeably more muffled and deeper than before, but she is shown to be calmer by the end of her trip. The Oompa-Loompas then roll Violet to the door, and after seeing where she was going Violet speaks for the first time since the transformation, calling for help and screaming for Wonka, hoping that someone would heed to her plea to stay on the tour. Wonka orders them to take her to the Juicing Room at once so that the juice can be squeezed out of her like a pimple. Hearing this, Scarlett runs off to help Violet, who is stuck in the Inventing Room door and calling out for her mother. She is last seen being pushed out of the Inventing Room onto the candy boat.


Violet flexible

Aftermath of Violet's juicing.

During Violet's transformation, the tour group and Wonka in particular maintain a large distance from her. Although not confirmed, it is heavily implied due to her enormity that her exploding may be a possibility. However, as the Oompa-Loompas roll Violet, Wonka does not make an attempt to rush them, suggesting that Violet is not in any immediate danger, if perhaps any at all, but this could be attributed to his apathy towards people's safety.

When Veruca questions whether Violet would always be a blueberry, Wonka states his uncertainty before reinforcing his disgust towards gum. She is not seen for the rest of the tour.

Violet is last seen leaving the factory with her mother. Violet had been completely juiced, but retains both human and blueberry traits - she has newfound flexibility and is still blue. As Scarlett walks along Violet cartwheels and backflips after her, seemingly very pleased with her new abilities, even informing her mother that she is now much more flexible. However Scarlett coldly responds "Yes but you're blue," upset that they had lost the grand prize.


Violet and her mom-0

Violet and her mom outside of the factory.

Scarlett Beauregarde - Scarlett is Violet's mother. However, she behaves more like a coach than a mother, constantly telling Violet to win no matter what and giving her an unhealthy amount of praise. It’s implied in several scenes that she's living vicariously through her daughter and is only really interested in Violet winning. When Violet turns into a blueberry, she became worried that she wouldn't be able to compete anymore due to her size, and even contemplated Veruca's suggestion for putting her in a county fair. She wasn't upset about Violet's fate until she left the factory, upset that Violet had lost, implying that she assumed Violet would still stay on the tour even after becoming a blueberry.

Best Friends

Violet and Veruca pretending to be friends.

Veruca Salt - Violet and Veruca hated each other from the moment they saw each other, and quickly formed an unspoken rivalry, however they attempted to cover it up by pretending to be friends. Prior to Violet's transformation, Veruca and Violet are seen secretly staring at each other in the Inventing Room, further reinforcing the rivalry between them. When Violet's nose turns purple, Veruca is shown with a smug expression on her face, seemingly aware what is about to happen to her. Veruca is then shown to be somewhat pleased with Violet's transformation and subsequent elimination, as now her competition has been removed from the pool of potential winners. She even suggests to Scarlett to put Violet in a county fair and later asks Wonka if Violet will always be a blueberry, hoping her life will be ruined forever.

Violet Apple

Violet grabbing the apple Charlie was getting.

Charlie Bucket - While the rest of the kids (except for Mike to a lesser extent and Veruca who never interacted with Charlie) treated Charlie poorly, Violet was noticeably the rudest to Charlie, even called him a loser when grabbing a candy apple. It‘s unknown how she reacted when Charlie won the prize.

Violet Hugs Wonka

Violet hugging Willy Wonka.

Willy Wonka - Violet is shown to be initially weirded out by Wonka's demeanor, but immediately ignores it and gives him a hug, feigning respect. Throughout the tour up until her elimination, she is shown to be close to Wonka whenever he is introducing his factory. It is strongly implied that she's acting respectful to Wonka to get his support for the grand prize.


  • "Mr. Wonka, I'm Violet Beauregarde."
  • "Well, you should care. Because I'm the girl who's gonna win the special prize at the end."
  • *Because then I wouldn't be a champion. I'd be a loser, like you." (to Charlie)
  • "It sounds like my kind of gum. I'm the world-record holder in chewing gum. I'm not afraid of anything." (about to eat the three-course gum)
  • "Look, mother, I'm much more flexible now!"

Behind the Scenes

Violet Face Prosthetic

A prosthetic of Violet's face used during production

The transformation sequence was initially done similar to the 1971 version, with AnnaSophia Robb being placed in a suit that inflated. However, Tim Burton was not satisfied with the final product, so they decided to scrap it in favor of CGI, with only parts of Robb's face being unaltered. Robb was given a prosthetic cheeks to simulate Violet's cheeks during the sequence, and an animatronic double was also used as well.


  • When Violet hears she is turning blue, she begins chewing her gum faster, suggesting chewing gum is a way to reduce her anxiety, which is ironic here as the gum chewing is hastening her transformation.
  • Violet is the shortest member of the tour. However, following her transformation, she became the tallest.
    • As the tallest person in the world is 8 feet 11 inches, Blueberry Violet technically holds the world record for the tallest person, however due to her status as a blueberry this could be disputed.
  • She was named after a color in French which is another name for the color "Purple", in English.
  • Throughout the movie, Violet never interacted with Augustus, Grandpa Joe, the parents of the other kids or Mike.
  • Violet stores her used up gum in her right ear.
  • Violet has a best friend whom she beat a record named Cornelia Prinzmetel in the book. Although her name was not stated, Violet did say, "My best friend is also a gum chewer, it used to be her record, but I beat it so now the record's MINE!" Violet also mentions Cornelia in the 1971 movie.
  • Violet's fate was foreshadowed a few times. She just happened to wear a blue tracksuit the day of the tour, and during the tunnel scene one of the first scenes is a blue light shining over Violet.
  • There is an error during Violet's rolling scene. Near the exit, Violet is seen being rolled forwards. However, at the door, Violet was being rolled backwards. There was no sign of a change in direction.
  • She and Mike Teavee are the only winners to come from North America.
  • Violet's dad doesn't appear at all in the movie.
  • She’s the only child in this adaptation with blonde hair.
  • Despite being too wide to fit through the door, during the next scene she’s shown fitting through just perfectly.
  • She’s the only tour member to not be fully human, instead being part blueberry by the end of the tour.
    • Furthermore, she and Mike Teavee are the only tour members who came out permanently changed physically.
  • Violet was never shown to have spit out the gum. Assuming she had kept it while leaving the factory, it's possible for Violet to chew and swell up again, making her the only person on the tour who could repeat her experience in the factory.
  • Violet's body didn’t turn entirely blue. Her lips are noticeably still red (See 1), and the area at the center of her stomach is slightly discolored (See 2).


Violet Turning Violet


Violet Turning Violet

The theme that plays when Violet swells up.

Violet's Song

Violet's song is a 60's disco that talks about about how competitive she is, and how chewing gum is bad for you.

Listen close and listen hard
To the tale of Violet Beauregarde
This dreadful girl, she sees no wrong
Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing all day long

Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing all day long

She goes on chewing till at last
Her chewing muscles grow so fast
And for her face a giant chin
Sticks out just like a violin

Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing all day long

For years and years she chews away
Her jaws get stronger every day
And with one great tremendous chew
They bite the poor girl's tongue in two
And that is why we try so hard
To save Miss Violet Beauregarde

Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing all day long
Chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing, chewing all day long

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