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This article is about the musical character, you might be looking for the 2005 film character.

Violet Beauregarde is one of the five golden ticket winners who appears in the musical Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Violet is a girl between the ages of 11 and 14 with a curly ponytail. On the day of the tour she is seen wearing in a sparkly purple tracksuit with blue back pack and hoop ear rings. She will also often wear a pink sparkle top sometimes with a crown on it.


Violet is the daughter of greedy Californian talent agent, Eugene Beauregarde and an unknown woman. Violet is first shown in her families luxury home overlooking the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles California where she is interviewed by Cherry Sundae. During the song "Double Bubble duchess" Violet reveals that her father has made her famous by trumping up her rather mediocre talent of chewing gum which has made her a mega star with her own tv show line of perfume and even a chain of boutiques all over the world. On the day of the tour, Violet arrives in a sparkly purple tracksuit with a blue backpack and immediately begins to show off her experience in the spotlight and behaving highly obnoxiously to the other guests, immediately striking up a rivalry with fellow insufferable brat Veruca Salt. In the factory Violet quickly alienates herself from Wonka who is less than impressed with her credentials and even less by her attitude when she tells him she is there to win and nothing more Wonka then warns her to "Not jump the gum".

The Inventing Room

Violet's competitive behaviour soon lands her extremely sticky end in the inventing room, after Wonka has presented each of the winners with an everlasting gobstopper Violet proclaims that "Sucking sucks" and she wants to chew instead leading Wonka to present one of his latest inventions a stick of chewing gum that remarkably contained all the nutrients proteins and flavours of a three-course dinner from the 1970s. Now while the other guests are astounded by this invention, Violet is only really interested in the fact that it is gum so she grabs it and starts to chew despite Wonka's protests that it is not ready. Immediately Violet is blown away by the gum tasting such foods as tomato soup roast chicken potatoes and gravy Wonka then instructs Violet to spit the gum out but her father contradicts Wonka telling Violet to keep on chewing hoping to profit from Violet being the first person to chew the gum however this changes when Violet hits desert.

At first Violet is blown away by the desert, blueberry pie, however this quickly changes to panic as she see's that her skin has turned a deep shade of blue and what's more her lower body has begun to swell up. Her father immediately dashes over to Wonka demanding to know what has happened to Violet, Wonka calmly explains that Violet is experiencing "Excess fructuous in the fluid sacks" which he reveals means that Violet is quite literally turning into a blueberry. At the mention of the word blueberry the Oompa Loompas drop what they are doing and begin to sing the song "Juicy" where they point out that Violet has gotten her wish as now that she has turned blue she will be known where ever she goes. Meanwhile a terrified Violet tries to get her father to help her but he is too freaked out to care leading to Violet making a run for the door but it slams shut.

As the Oompa Loompas continue they're strange song Violet runs behind the large mixing vat in the centre of the room and her father follows only to reappear without Violet a furious Mr Beauregarde marches over to Wonka only to complain that he cannot put a blueberry on the cover of vouge and that he is calling his lawyer but is interrupted when the top of the mixing vat vanishes and Violet is lifted up on a small platform now a fully grown blueberry with only her head hands and feet left in tact. When Mr Beauregarde catches sight of his daughter his irritation is replaced with excitement as he makes plans to put Violet on the cover of the magazine Fruit Monthly much to Violet's protest. The Oompa Loompas then reveal that Violet is now so big that her body is liable to explode and that they will scoop up what is left of her and sell it off however Mr Beauregarde fails to hear as he is too busy phoning Fruit Monthly much to the Oompa Loompas amusement. After finishing his negations Mr Beauregarde climbs onto the mixing vat and snaps a picture of himself with Violet and proclaims that they will soon be even richer.

Meanwhile the Oompa Loompas begin to list off the parts of Violet's body that are or sale such as her unused brain and her legs but still Mr Beauregarde does not hear and even joins in with the song until finally Violet explodes in a shower of purple glitter and blueberry goo. In an surprising act of concern, Mr. Beauregarde begins to scream that his daughter has exploded while an unconcerned Wonka assures him she has simply burst her bubble. He then orders Oompa Loompas to take Mr. Beauregarde to the Juicing Vat to retrieve Violet's pieces and repair her before she ferments.

Violet's final fate remains unknown as she is not seen again.