The Whipple Scrunptious Fudgemallow Delight is made by Willy Wonka, and it is his newest candy invention.and it was sent to world, and in the 2005 and 1971 films.

(2005 film)

in the 2005 film in the first scene in the film the whipple scrumptious fudgemallow delight bar was made by chocolate batter and along with nutty crunch bar and other kinds of wonka bars,cooled down by fans and the sorter were spliting the chocolate in to bars. and carryed by lifter that are carry in the chcoclate bars and the wonka bars went on tin platers with parachutes and the wonka bars went in boxes and the boxes were taped and they were sent to every to every corner of the world. and they were in trucks and they went to the world.and in this scene charlie parents gave him a bar that likes a whipple scrumptious fudgemallow and his family ate it, and the bar is unknown. finished by Alfie Emily.

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