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The Wonka Chocolate Factory is a massive chocolate production plant, operated by Wonka Worldwide, Inc. The factory is extremely large and serves as the main production facility for Wonka's chocolate bars. It also serves as the office and residence of Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket. The factory's specific location is unknown, although some have suggested the United States or the United Kingdom.

Despite being closed off to the world for a brief period, the factory continued to produce chocolate in bulk quantities. In February 2005, Wonka launched a massive golden ticket campaign to select five children to tour the factory.

Factory design

Despite maintaining the appearance of a standard production facility, the Wonka Chocolate Factory contains an extremely intricate and bizarre layout. It is likely that construction went deep underground in order to accommodate Wonka's chocolate river and massive amount of rooms and locations.

The giant pipe that towers over the rest of the factory is decorative and has no real function. The top of it is covered in glass, which would defeat the purpose if it were to be an exhaust pipe. The center of it is hollow, despite featuring a track for the great glass elevator to follow.

The factory features two main methods of navigation: the great glass elevator and a flume along the chocolate river. The elevator is said to be more efficient.


The loading dock.

Loading dock

The loading dock is located in the factory's courtyard. It is where chocolate and other Wonka shipments are loaded into trucks out for delivery.

Rail depot

Towards the back of Wonka's factory is the rail depot, where shipments are sent by train.

Puppet theatre

The factory entrance also serves as a puppet theatre to greet visitors.


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Main locations

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Other locations[1]

  • Zing Room
  • Treacle Spreading
  • Tadioso
  • Smoothie Operator
  • Raspberry Ice Cream
  • Sneaky Pecan Pie
  • Raspberry Ripplebumps
  • Peanutbutter Paint
  • Millions and Trillions
  • Land of Chocolate[2]
  • Grape Nuggets
  • Emperor's New Cloves
  • Salt and Peppermints
  • Phantom Smells
  • Naffy Taffy
  • Lickety Split Peas
  • Honeycombs and Brushes
  • Fragile Egos
  • Cocoa Coats
  • Fudge mountain


The Wonka factory relies heavily on automation, as not a human is involved in the production of a chocolate bar. For all tasks unable to be performed by a machine, Wonka has employed hundreds of "Oompa Loompas", with the payment being cocoa beans.


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  2. Likely referring to the Chocolate Room.
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